The Criterion Price


The Criterion EC Price

Nett Prices of Criterion EC units after Discount

Last Updated: 18th September 2018

Type of UnitFloorplan TypeSqftPrice ($)
2 BedroomA1710Sold Out
A1P700Sold Out
A2721Sold Out
A2P753Sold Out
3 BedroomB1786Sold Out
B1P818Sold Out
B2P872Sold Out
B3893Sold Out
B3P926Sold Out
B4893Sold Out
B4P893Sold Out
B5915Last Unit
B5-1P947Sold Out
B5P947Sold Out
3 Bedroom PremiumB61,012Sold Out
B6P1,055Sold Out
B71,001Sold Out
B7P1,033Sold Out
B81,023Sold Out
B8-1P1,023Sold Out
B8-21,023Sold Out
B8P1,023Sold Out
B91,076Sold Out
B9P1,076Sold Out
B101,098Sold Out
B10P1,098Sold Out
4 BedroomC11,119Sold Out
C1-1P1,163Sold Out
C1P1,163Sold Out
C21,173Sold Out
C2-1P1,216Sold Out
C2-21,195Sold Out
C2-2P1,238Sold Out
C2P1,195Sold Out
4 Bedroom PremiumC31,249$1,186,400
C3-1P1,281Sold Out
C3P1,281Sold Out
5 BedroomD11,378Sold Out
D1P1,410Sold Out
PenthousePH11,636Sold Out



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There are strong sales in Criterion EC due to its excellent location and attractive prices.

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